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10 Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

October 31th, 2021

10 Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

A home gym has been gaining its popularity, especially during the pandemic. With a home gym, you don't have to worry about the monthly payment, the crowd in the public gym and of course, the risk of getting covid. A home gym also can be designed to fit your needs, plus so much more convenient to hit the gym at home. If you have the space at home to create a home gym, here are some tips for you to build it and that you will actually use.

1.Get rubber flooring

It is important to avoid damage to your home when you set up a gym, so get rubber flooring for these areas. Rubber flooring can protect the ground and also reduce the noise. You can also put mats under some exercise equipment, such as treadmills, steppers, and bikes.

2. Choose bumper plates

Another way to reduce the noise that can be caused in your home gym is to get bumper plates. Bumper plates are an alternative for iron plates, and also safer to use. Rubber dumbbells and kettlebells can also do the job to further reduce noise, especially if you like to work out early in the morning.

3. Add a mirror

As you can notice, every gym has mirrors. Looking into the mirror allows you to see your form and improve as you work out. A mirror can also make your home gym look more spacious than it actually is, especially when it is with natural light. Place a mirror behind a dumbbell rack, treadmill, or squat rack to improve the overall aesthetic of your home gym.

4. Install a TV

A TV in your home gym can be a great tool for you when you work out on a routine or need guidance for a yoga session. Otherwise it can provide you leisure and make time on the treadmill easier to pass. It helps better when it is positioned strategically or come with a movable stand.

5. Clock is a must

A clock on the wall is a must. For one, you can keep track of time so that you don’t get lost in your workout. A clock is also great for your home gym because you can time it when you take a rest in between sets or if you do a timed exercise, such as planks.

6. Speakers motivate you

People often work out with music. The great thing about having your own gym is that you can blast whatever kind of music you want. Get some speakers for your own little gym world. You can either get portable ones or place them on the wall. Either way, you can push through your workout while listening to the music you enjoy.

7. Utilize multipurpose equipment

A way to maximize the space you have in your home gym is to take advantage of multipurpose equipment. Instead of having a bench press and a squat rack, you can use the same rack for both. Some racks even come with a pull-up bar as well. These equipment are often adjustable. You can get far more out of the equipment without worrying too much space has been taken up.

8. Add equipment as you go

When you are motivated and passionate about setting up a home gym, it is normal that you want to get all kinds of fancy equipment to nicely decorate your space. Yet it is actually better to add equipment little by little at a time. At the beginning you might still need time to figure out space and how often you would use your gym. So start off with a few things that you will use right away, upgrade your equipment with heavier weights or more expensive purchases after you find yourself being consistent with your gym.

9. Good ventilation

Without proper ventilation, a home gym can turn into a sauna and that is not a good environment to work out in. Get a fan for your gym so you won't feel stuffy and suffer in sweat that can hold you back from using the gym or utilizing it for your workout routine.

10. Invest in good quality equipment

Investing in high-quality equipment will only do you good. When you set up your own gym, it is better to keep the maintenance low. You want to have equipment in your home gym for several years. Therefore choosing good quality ones is an investment that you will not regret.

No excuses not doing exercise anymore!

  • 1. Get rubber flooring
  • 2. Choose bumper plates
  • 3. Add a mirror
  • 4. Install a TV
  • 5. Clock is a must
  • 6. Speakers motivate you
  • 7. Utilize multipurpose equipment
  • 8. Add equipment as you go
  • 9. Good ventilation
  • 10. Invest in good quality equipment

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