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How to Create the Perfect Full-body Workout

January 2nd, 2022

This New Year Countdown Challenge is very simple: Set a timer for 22 mins (Because it’s 2022!), and see how many rounds you can get through!

Listen to your body. You can modify exercises if needed (E.g wall push-ups or push ups on knees). Rest approx. 30 to 60 seconds in between.

Here we go!

10 Body weight squats

9 Push-ups

8 Forward lunges, alternating legs

7 Sit-ups

6 Back lunges, alternating legs

5 Glute bridges

4 Side lunges, alternating legs

3 Squat jumps

2 Side planks, right and left

1 Front plank

Feel like doing more? Here are some tips for you to create your own Full-Body Workout.

You can create your HIIT workout plan following a simple formula of:

- 2 x cardio

- 1 x upper body

- 1 x lower body

- 1 x plank / core

First you need to think about arranging the moves. Because we are doing 2 cardio moves, you can start and end with one of those moves, and put upper, lower and sore exercises in between.

Once you are familiar with the exercises, you can then move on to think about the programming. For example, you can insert a 30 seconds break in between moves, and repeat the rounds for 4 times in total.

If you are a HIIT beginner, you can reduce the time, or you may want to slow down your reps, that way you can focus on your form and get used to the movement.


Cardio can be anything from Jumping jacks to Running in place, basically anything to pump your heart rate up.


Upper-Body moves can include: Bear Crawl, Plank Arm Raises or simply Push-ups. (You can do it on the wall, your knees or your toes) If you have weights or dumbbells available, it is a good idea to include them into your workouts so that you can do moves like Push Press and Bicep Curls.


Lower-Body moves can be anything that challenges your lower half. That includes: Squats, Hip Bridges and Leg-raises.


For the core, a basic plank (Place your forearms or palms on a flat, elevated surface with your elbows directly under your shoulders) is a very good one to try for a minute. But you can also do Crunches, Sit-ups or Flutter Kicks.

Following this formula should give you a full-body workout that boosts your strength and gets your heart rate up. I usually repeat the exercises for 4-6 rounds, but of course you can do more if you feel like it!

This is one of my favourite Bodyweight Workout (No equipment needed)

- 1 minute Jumping Jacks

- 1 minute Push-ups

- 1 minute Side Hop

- 1 minute Squats

- 1 minute Plank

Remember to warm down afterwards because this will help your body to recover, reducing risk of injury

Yay! We made it through another year! So let’s start the New Year's resolution! We have put together a workout challenge using only body weight that you can do at home without any equipment.

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