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How to Start Your Fitness Journey

November 14th, 2021

Fitness journey is all about patience and hard work. How you start though, is important before you can continue with the journey. Without motivation, we easily give up at the beginning of our fitness journey, and can never get better. Therefore the experience is crucial on how we start our fitness journey.

In the beginning, it is not about equipment or anything advanced. It is actually all about the mental and psychological. First you have to make a commitment to yourself and strive to keep that. If you are ready for a change or to achieve something, you will strive to reach that goal and giving up is not an option.

If having a commitment is not enough, visualize it. Create a vision board so that you can see what you want and what you would become. Realizing dreams and goals can make things seem much more real and reachable, and that gives you motivation. Sometimes the wildest dreams are not so wild, we all can be that dream.

When you are mentally ready, don't get too overwhelmed, always start small. We all have potential to achieve many things, but it is normal that we are not capable of many things from the very beginning. We need to progress and improve bit by bit. So start small and don't let unbearable challenges hold you back from the journey.

As we go on, there must be a time when we find progress is too slow or we are too tired and distracted from other things in life. Remember, something is better than nothing. Instead of taking a break for a day or two, which we are unlikely to pick up fitness after that, try to do less but keep doing everyday.

One common mistake that we should all avoid, is to care too much about our weights. Fitness is never about the number of weight. It is about fat and muscles, the balance of our body and health. So look away from the numbers, focus on your progress, and all of a sudden one day you will be there already.

Let's see how we can start off our fitness journey better!

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