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10 Things To Know Before You Start Keto Diet

July 22th, 2021

10 Things To Know Before You Start Keto Diet

Keto is a relatively complicated diet compared to many other diets. Before starting your keto journey after seeing the many successful stories, there are 10 things you need to know.

1. Keto is more than a diet

It is a lifestyle or a way of eating. As keto is not something you can stop and start like most other diets. In fact, going on and off keto can mess up your metabolism and confuse your body, possibly causing you to gain more weight. You must be consistent and make it a permanent lifestyle change.

2. Keto requires time

You will hear about keto success stories where weight starts to melt off almost immediately. Those cases are typically associated with people who have lots of weight to lose. Be patient with yourself. Don’t give up on the keto diet because you don’t immediately see drastic weight.

3.Keto breath is real

It is the bad breath frequently associated with the keto diet. Keto breath is typically caused by ketones and excess protein consumption. When your body switches to burning fat as its primary fuel source, your body starts producing ketones; and when your body breaks down high amounts of protein, it produces ammonia, where ketones and ammonia are both released through the breath. A standard keto diet should only contain about 20% from protein, so adjusting your protein intake should help get rid of the problem.

4. Expect the keto flu

As your body switches to fat-burning, frequent urination might make you feel dehydrated or low on electrolytes. Your brain may also run low on energy and cause a flu-like feeling.

5. Keto is a low-carb diet

Keto limits you to eating foods that altogether fall under 50 g of carbs per day, to shift your body’s fuel-burning engine from carbs to fat. You may lose a significant amount of weight quickly and be motivated by that. The downside however is that with the very limited food choice, mostly sources of fat, plus a little protein, and some non starchy veggies, it might be difficult to keep up, especially when you are a pasta or pizza lover.

6. Keto involves lots of fats

Keto is a high-fat, low-carb diet. We are afraid of fat because we have been told that it could mess up our body. What is confusing is that research today remains mixed. Keto however trusts the studies that suggest replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat, and avoiding unhealthy trans fat, would be beneficial to the body.

7. Try bulletproof coffee, or not

By mixing coconut oil and butter into your coffee, this drink will ease your hunger before your next meal. Just note that coconut oil has the potential to send cholesterol levels soaring, so if you have heart disease or are at an increased risk for it because of family or personal health history, you might want to avoid this drink.

8. Social life might be less sociable

You may not be able to eat what your family and friends are eating during gatherings. So you might want to prepare them for what your new habits will look like to avoid getting any push backs. Keto diet is often done for a period of time, it does help a lot if they have your back.

9. You have to fully commit to keto for 30 days or more

Not gonna lie, the first few weeks of keto are an adjustment period and you will likely have ups and downs, or you may feel amazing. However you feel, there will be moments you want to give up and second guess your decision to start this keto diet. This is why committing to keto for at least 30 days is so important and quitting is not even an option.

10. Acknowledge when keto might not be right for you

Now that ketogenic diets have become popular, many keto diets have sprung up, including plant-based versions. While this approach can be healthy, be cautious when trying keto as a vegan. When you can’t eat beans or lentils on a ketogenic diet, and nuts and seeds are even limited due to their carbohydrate content, you really just left with some tofu and will need to rely on low-carb protein powder. The extreme restrictions could be a reminder that keto diet might not be for you.

A lot of my friends are doing Keto Diet recently, if you are interested too, please read this blog before start.


  • Keto is more than a diet
  • Keto requires time
  • Keto breath is real
  • Expect the keto flu
  • Keto is a low-carb diet
  • Keto involves lots of fats
  • Try bulletproof coffee, or not
  • Social life might be less sociable
  • You have to fully commit to keto for 30 days Or more
  • Acknowledge when keto might not be right for you

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