Quality Policy

NuviaLab’s priority concern is the quality of its service, which is achieved through continuous optimization of the offering and by maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

Quality policy is maintained by implementing the defined standards. If necessary, these standards are adapted to changing market realities.

Years of experience

We have been active in e-commerce since 2008. Many years of experience allowed us to meet the specific nature of e-commerce and enabled us to implement the most effective solutions.

Carefully crafted offering

We offer only the products of renown manufacturers, who act according to international standards of quality and safety.

Original products

We work directly with manufacturers. We do not use the services of intermediaries. This ensures that every product in our store is safe and authentic.

Money Back Guarantee

We confirm our experience and our belief in the quality of sold products by providing 90-day money-back guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with the purchased products, the money spent on these products is refunded to the customer.

Information on the complaints procedure can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Convenient payment methods

We care about customers’ comfort and the security of all transactions. We provide access to convenient payment methods (cards, instant and traditional bank transfers) processed by certified transaction systems.


We do not introduce any territorial restrictions and do not limit ourselves to providing service to customers from a single country or continent only. Purchased goods are shipped all around the world.