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Premium Ingredients

NuviaLab®: Premium ingredients that are results-driven!

Are you ready to discover a process that brings wellness to your doorstep, unlike any other supplement or body care range?

Geared towards your well-being

In today’s modern environment, it can be easy to get lost in the jargon of what so many supplements and body care ranges claim to offer. Some might promise better immunity, others better digestion or improved skin… but how do we know whether these products truly give us the results – and return of investment – of the money that we have spent?

At NuviaLab, our process is simple: we consider only the most premium ingredients for each supplement and skin and hair care product to ensure that you get optimal health benefits, without exposure to any harmful chemicals.

Proudly made in Europe, every product carries that promise of being non-GMO, mostly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. We follow a scientifically backed approach in our laboratories, ensuring premium quality control processes under the watchful eyes of our expert team.

Even more importantly: our process is focused on harnessing the power of nature: finding and using only the most effective natural ingredients that have proven wellness results. And this is what makes NuviaLab different from others: that dedicated approach to choosing premium quality above anything else.

Our process brings together the healing power of nature, married with a scientific method of excellence that sets us apart from the rest.

Why use NuviaLab’s products

Wondering whether you should start using NuviaLab’s premium ingredient products? Here are some considerations:

Plus, with the added support of our trusted logistic partners and customer support, you truly have a 360 service with every purchase!

Our goal: giving you peak health and wellness benefits

Every aspect of our process to bring only the best ingredients to our customers is centred on the demands of our modern world. Our goal is to not only supplement healthy diets and lifestyles, but to enhance every aspect of care, from nutrition to skin and beauty.

We are passionate about inspiring our customers to:

Rest assured: with our trusted, proven premium ingredients, it will be easy to achieve these goals – and so much more!

A process inspired to help you achieve mental and physical health

At NuviaLab, we have built our reputation on the following pillars:

Why provide transparency and traceability?

Conscious consumers today know the importance of knowing where the ingredients in the products that they consume or use for body and skincare come from.

At NuviaLab, we are passionate about providing this information with every product: not only do we provide transparency on our packaging as well as our website information sheets, but we are also always available to answer any questions or concerns that our consumers might have.

Therefore, you are guaranteed with every product to have full information available to give you the assurance needed that what you are about to buy, will only provide premium results.

Excluding harmful additives and chemicals, without compromise

Natural ingredients are at the core of every product formula that we develop, and we are passionate about never allowing any harmful substances in our supplements and care products.

We know that empty, dangerous ingredients should never be included in any product and will never add them for the sake of convenience.

Therefore, our customers always have the assurance that our ranges only include natural, safe and tested ingredients that are safe for consumption and body care use – all guaranteed through our process of extensive testing and putting that final stamp of quality on every item.

Rest assured, we ensure as far as possible that our products are free of allergens, do not contain GMOs, gluten or chemicals, and that our body care products are free of sulphates and parabens.

Four ranges, all carrying our promise of premium ingredients

We know that when it comes to a world almost overflowing with product offerings in the health and wellness arena, making the choice of which products to choose can be daunting.

Luckily, with NuviaLab, you have that unwavering promise of quality in every range that we offer:

Radiant abundance, all thanks to Mother Nature herself

Just as our customers are avid supporters of a more natural approach to health and wellbeing, we are equally committed to always harnessing the power of Mother Nature in every product that we offer in our range.

We ensure that each ingredient used is only obtained from ethically produced sources, and that no harm is done to nature in the production of our health and wellness products. Again, this is linked to our transparency that we provide for our customers: the knowledge that we are cognizant of every step of our production line, and being resilient in ensuring that no harmful impact comes to nature when we create our products.

This approach can further be seen in the packaging that we use: we always look for solutions that are recyclable and that will not add extra strain to landfills. We choose containers that are free from harmful chemicals and choose those that are phthalate-free and BPA-free. Being an eco-friendly provider means that we do not stop our “green” approach with just what goes into our products: our process looks at the full package, carefully analysing every aspect to give you that full experience of a natural approach, inspired by nature.