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Palo Santo Magic

August 24th, 2021

Palo Santo Magic

Palo santo is a tree native to South American countries. They grow in dry tropical forests and produce very fragrant resin. In Spanish, palo santo means "holy wood", for centuries it has been burnt as an energy cleanser. The ritual comes from Incan tradition that says the smoke from the wood, burnt during spiritual ceremonies, is medicinal.

South American shamans believed burning palo santo is capable of resetting energy that was tainted by negativity or conflict. With the cleansing of negativity, also brings in positive healing energies and allows you to approach things with an unburdened mind.

Although palo santo is associated with therapeutic benefits to the mind and body, there are also some medicinal benefits. Traditionally, palo santo is widely used to repel mosquitos. It is also said to deter ants, termites, and flies. About that, palo santo essential oil is mainly composed of limonene. Limonene is a substance with insecticide properties, so it is used in natural insect repellants. Another supposed benefit is pain relief. People use palo santo to treat different types of pain, including headache and throat pain. Again, this effect may be related to limonene. The substance has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief. Though there is no hard proof that palo santo has the above healing effects, it is still believed by many of its beneficial use.

For better use of palo santo to implement into our daily lives, Palo santo is available in different forms. You can use it as the basic form, wood. The wood of the palo santo tree is available as sticks, chips, or powder. It usually comes from the branches of the tree, so it is 100% wood. You can also use it as resin. Palo santo wood contains a very aromatic resin, which can be extracted and used separately. Another common form of it is oil. The essential oil of palo santo can be derived from wood and fruit.

Are you now tempted to experience the magic of Palo santo?

Let's palo Santo amaze you.

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