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Secrets to Healthy Hair

March 20th, 2022

Healthy hair is more than how it looks – we want our hair to feel strong and vibrant from root to tip. When neglected, hair can lose its volume and thickness, and become harder to maintain. Anyone here experiencing tricky tangles?

Also, don’t forget our scalp because a healthy scalp is just as important. Get rid of dandruffs and dry skin by ensuring your scalp is well nourished.

Our hair health can fluctuate during hormonal changes, for example, when we are experiencing stress or going through pregnancy, thankfully, there are plenty we can do to make sure our hair feels great and looks good again!

What is natural hair-care?

Natural hair-care is made with gentler ingredients to nourish your scalp and skin. Avoid any hair products with harsh chemicals that can strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Just as we turn to healthy food to care for our insides, the same theory applies to hair-care. Antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, and botanical oils found in natural hair care products are great for luscious locks and healthy hair growth.

How to maintain healthy hair?

When our hair is vibrant and healthy, it is generally a sign that our body is consuming enough vitamins and minerals to help support it. Let’s explore a few natural hair care options:

1. Omegas for smooth hair

Did you know Omegas help to make your hair smoother? Omegas are a type of nutrient found in foods, plant or fish oils and supplements. As our hair grows, it passes through an oil gland which helps keep hair supple and shiny.

2. Antioxidants for all-round healthy hair

Antioxidants support healthy scalp and hair growth by maintaining good collagen levels in our skin. Antioxidants are also powerful protectors against radicals that prevent hair from being healthy and strong.

Antioxidants rich food include: Dark chocolate, blueberries, goji berries, kale.

3. Zinc for healthy hair growth

Zinc is a mineral that plays a strong role in supporting normal cell repair and hair tissue growth. Hair loss is often a sign of zinc deficiency, so stocking up on your zinc supplements is always a smart move.

Foods rich in zinc include: pumpkin seed, red meat, or legumes.

4. Collagen for strong roots

Collagen promotes healthy hair in many ways. For example, your body uses the amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots. It also prevents hair follicle damage and graying.

Apart from these, the following acts will help with healthy hair growth as well:

- Hydrate your hair – Be sure to moisturise your hair and scalp with hair masks frequently so it remains soft, plump, and deeply nourished.

- Avoid heat products – heat styling can lead to hair damage so remain mindful about how often we use these products.

- Massage your scalp

- Natural hair care – Choose hair-care products that is sulfate-free and phthalate-free

Our top pick for healthy hair – Locerin

Carefully crafted using high strength natural ingredients, Locerin provides all essential vitamins your hair needs, making sure your hair is strong and shiny!

For many of us, hair health is not on the top of our lists usually… but maintaining a healthy scalp and beautiful hair is easier than you think.

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