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Femin Plus has a positive effect on female libido. Raises desire, so you want to make love more often. Increases the intensity of orgasms and lubrication of the vagina, which improves the quality of sex.

  • Femin Plus is a premium formula that increases female libido,
  • an exclusive leader in dietary supplements targeted at women,
  • increases desire and raises the quality of sex,
  • stands out due to its fast acting and extremely effective formula,
  • the main active ingredients of Femin Plus are: l-arginine HCI, damiana leaf extract, fenugreek (Fenusterols®), ginseng, theobromine, liquorice, maca root, ginkgo biloba, zinc, vitamin E, black pepper (BioPerine®), vitamin B6, niacin, folacin and vitamin B12,
  • all ingredients used in Femin Plus have proven efficacy in increasing sexual desire,
  • Femin Plus improves circulation and increases sexual intensity,
  • helps to achieve orgasm,
  • increases lubrication of the vagina, reduces dryness and irritation,
  • has a positive effect on mood,
  • boosts energy,
  • limits the problem of premenstrual syndrome,
  • minimises the problem of hot flashes,
  • fully safe and highly effective,
  • quality guarantee directly from the USA,
  • unique 90-day money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • fast and discreet shipping.

Femin Plus is a modern formula designed for women who want to improve the quality of their sex life. Try it today and feel the difference!

How does Femin Plus work?

Femin Plus is a combination of high quality ingredients with proven effectiveness. Alongside herbs regulating the hormonal system, it uses strong aphrodisiacs, which raise libido, improve blood supply and lubricate the vagina.

Femin Plus helps minimise the negative effects of a fast-paced lifestyle, reducing the effects of stress and overwork that have a negative impact on libido. It suits perfectly the needs of today's times.

Today’s woman has to meet many expectations, hold down a job, take care of children and the home, and they are forced to maintain a perfect appearance. Libido is also affected by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and after, during menopause and when taking birth control pills.

The Femin Plus formula was developed to support women by boosting energy and improving their well-being. Individual ingredients allow you to achieve an inner balance that promotes a higher quality of life.

What benefits does Femin Plus provide?

Femin Plus are modern capsules that:

  • enhance desire,
  • increase the sex drive,
  • promote well-feeling,
  • invigorate effectively,
  • reduce dryness of the vagina,
  • increase the blood supply to the genitals, which is conducive to achieving more intense sensations.

How fast does Femin Plus work?

  • The first effects are visible after only seven days of taking Femin Plus,
  • After 30 days, you will notice more energy, positive attitude and increased desire for sex.

Do you want to have an orgasm every time?

Femin PlusFemin Plus can help you. The ingredients used in capsules improve the work of the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to key organs. In addition, aphrodisiacs improve muscle function and increase the sensitivity of the skin to stimulation. This makes your body better prepared to enjoy sex. You are more relaxed and open to the electrifying power of touch.

Femin Plus prepares you for sex

During fertile days, a woman notices increased vaginal lubrication. This intensifies her desire for sex and has a positive effect on the quality of sensations. Unfortunately, the reverse situation of a dry vagina lowers libido.

Femin Plus delivers proper lubrication, which has a direct effect on libido and helps the attainment of orgasm.

What are the properties of Femin Plus’ ingredients?

Now you know the benefits of taking Femin Plus, check out the list of active ingredients.

L-Arginine HCI - as a supplier of nitric oxide, it regulates arousal in women and increases blood circulation.
Damiana leaf extract - minimises stress and the effects of nervous tension and reduces the effect of premenstrual syndrome on libido. It has a positive effect on mood and ensures optimal vaginal lubrication and quality of sex life.
Fenugreek seed extract - Fenusterols® - a natural aphrodisiac that elevates testosterone levels.
Ginseng root extract - a well-known aphrodisiac, appreciated throughout the world for its strengthening and revitalising properties. Raises libido and improves the quality of sexual sensations.
Cocoa seed extract (Theobromine) - boosts energy, raises the amount of serotonin in the blood, which improves mood and stimulates the sex drive.
Liquorice root extract - on the one hand it works silently, while on the other it boosts energy and has a positive effect on the whole body.
Maca root extract - has a beneficial effect on fertility and improves sexual response.
Ginkgo biloba leaf extract - improves blood circulation and increases the intensity of sensation.
Zinc - one of the most important ingredients regulating sex quality, it regulates the hormonal system, boosts energy, reduces the negative effects of stress and has a direct effect on fertility. It has a positive effect on appearance, improving self-esteem.
Vitamin E - one of the most important allies of lovers, it maintains proper circulation and strengthens the blood vessels. It promotes fertility and sexual function.
Black pepper extract - BioPerine® - provides comprehensive health benefits, improves circulation to the genitals and accelerates sexual satisfaction.
Vitamin B6 - beneficial for the hormonal system, it boosts energy and improves well-being.

Sex is great! See for yourself again! Do not deny yourself pleasure!

90-day money-back guarantee

Femin Plus is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If the product does not meet your expectations, simply send back the empty packaging and we will refund your money.

Label Info

60 capsules.

L-Arginine​​ HCl;​​ Capsule​​ Shell​​ –​​ Gelatine;​​ Damiana​​ Leaf​​ Extract​​ (Turnera​​ diffusa)​ ;​​ Fenugreek Seed​​ Extract​​ –​​ Fenusterols®​​ (Trigonella​​ foenum-graecum​​ L.)​​ [50%​​ Saponins];​​ Red​​ Ginseng​​ Root Extract​​ (Panax​​ ginseng​​ C.A.​​ Meyer)​​ [5%​​ Ginsenosides];​​ Cocoa​​ Seed​​ Extract​​ (Theobroma​​ cacao) [24%​​ Theobromine];​​ Liquorice​​ Root​​ Extract​​ (Glycyrrhiza​​ glabra)​​ [20%​​ Glycyrrhizic​​ Acid];​​ Maca Root​​ Extract​​ (Lepidium​​ meyenii)​;​​ Ginkgo​​ Biloba​​ Leaf​​ Extract​​ (Ginkgo​​ biloba)​​ [24%​​ Flavone Glycosides];​​ Zinc​​ Citrate;​​ Anti-Caking​​ Agent​​ –​​ Magnesium​​ Salts​​ of​​ Fatty​​ Acids;​​ DL-alpha Tocopheryl​​ Acetate​​ (Vitamin​​ E);​​ Black​​ Pepper​​ Fruit​​ Extract​​ –​​ BioPerine®​​ (Piper​​ nigrum​​ L.)​​ [95% Piperine];​​ Cyanocobalamin​​ (Vitamin​​ B12);​​ Pyridoxine​​ Hydrochloride​​ (Vitamin​​ B6);​​ Niacinamide (Niacin);​​ Pteroylmonoglutamic​​ Acid​​ (Folacin);​​ Colour​​ –​​ Titanium​​ Dioxide,​​ Iron​​ Oxides​​ and Hydroxides.

Directions of Use

The recommended daily allowance is 2 capsules, preferably 30 minutes before a meal. Drink about 300 ml of water with the formula.