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Transformulas Eye Lightening

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Try Transformulas Eye Lightening – an innovative lightening eye serum based on the nanosome technology.

  • an innovative eye serum that brightens and revitalizes your eyes,
  • provides noticeable effects almost immediately after application,
  • helps to fight imperfections such as wrinkles and furrows,
  • eliminates dark circles and bags under the eyes,
  • removes the signs of skin aging,
  • it is based on the nanosome technology, so that its active ingredients reach the deep layers of the skin,
  • 100% safe - contains natural ingredients and does not cause irritation,
  • high effectiveness confirmed by positive recommendations of women all around the world.

Do you wish to have a tempting look, but the skin around your eyes is not perfect? Instead of covering up the imperfections, get rid of them with Transformulas Eye Lightening. This advanced eye lightning serum will quickly bring back your youthful look.

Why is Transformulas Eye Lightening so effective?

Transformulas Eye Lightening is an advanced gel, which guarantees professional care of the sensitive skin around the eyes. It utilizes the nanosome technology, thanks to which the active ingredients of the product can reach directly to the source of the problem. It is because the substances are in fact encapsulated in microscopic particles and are released only after reaching the deep layers of the skin. Thanks to this, the serum works even more effectively and at the same time is an extremely efficient cosmetic - just a small amount is enough to experience its therapeutic effects.

This eye lightening serum is also based on the right combination of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin around the eyes. Thus, the serum is able to eliminate imperfections and visible signs of fatigue and stress - wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes.

Transformulas Eye Lightening contains:

  • Panthenol - soothes irritation and provides relief for sensitive skin,
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 - improves skin elasticity, reduces the visibility of swelling and moisturizes the skin,
  • Lactic acid - has anti-wrinkle and exfoliating effects, improves the condition of skin.

Restore youthful appearance for the sensitive skin around your eyes – order Transformulas Eye Lightening to have attractive captivating look.

Label Info

10 ml
Panthenol with Vitamin B, Acetyl Tetrapeptide‐5, Panthenol, Lactic Acid.

Directions of Use

Apply a small amount of serum to the cleansed skin around the eyes. Gently pat the serum into the skin or wait until the cosmetic has been fully absorbed. Apply twice a day.