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How to Make Time for Workouts

December 5th, 2021

Making the commitment to add exercise into your life is the first step. To get there, you need a plan, and you will have to try your hardest to make it happen. You might have to sacrifice something (i.e., catching up on your favourite TV show) to fulfill your new commitment. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a balance to enjoy life and make time for workouts.

Wake up early

Start your day earlier allows you to have the extra time to run around the neighborhood or do a section in the gym before work. Personally, the main advantage to exercise in the morning helps me to begin my day with a focused mind on fitness, and that helps me to make better food and activity choices throughout the day.

Be organized and avoid going back and forth

If you are not a morning person, bring your workout clothes with you to work. This is a great way to create efficiency and set your mindset. If you need to return home first before going to the gym, it is likely to be a challenge. This happens to me many times. Once I am home, I would rather lay on my sofa and chill instead of going back out.

Sneak in little workouts into your daily routine

Move often throughout the day and make every movement count. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or park your car further away from your destination to force yourself walk further.

Treat each work out as an appointment

Set a reminder on your phone or put a Post-it note on the refrigerator. Remind yourself that you can’t forget this important task.

Aim for 30 minutes

Sometimes, you may not be able to complete a full workout, squeeze in a quick section still count! There are many high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts you can do, one section of HIIT can be done in less than 30 mins. HIIT produces many of the same benefits of continuous moderate-intensity exercise in less time. A section of HIIT might look like this:

Warm up

Squats 30 - 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Bupees 30 – 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Jumping Lunges 30 – 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Push-ups 30 – 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

High Knees 30 – 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Plank 30 – 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat cycle 4 times

Warm down

Building new healthy habits can take time, but the benefits are worth it. Remember why you started and use that as your motivation to keep on going, even when you feel like giving up.

Make a new commitment each day to a healthier you!

We all know that fitness is essential for a healthy body, for example, exercise reduces the risk of illnesses such as heart and lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, but do you know that regular physical activity is just as important for a healthy mind?

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